Software is our tool;
your business success is our goal.

Global Screen helps you reach your goals, by creating solutions that make business sense for you. We realize new business opportunities. We solve your problems. We protect your data. We develop custom products that fit your needs.

Our motto: passion for technology, focus on business. It means we love making software that makes things possible for you. All the while being aware that technical know-how alone is not sufficient. Understanding the business side comes first. Then we work our magic.

_what we do for you

Online video communication

Communication is key, especially now. We have over a decade of experience in creating live video communication solutions. We can integrate existing systems into your workflow or build new solutions on proven technology.

Data Intelligence

We process large amounts of data, to provide our clients with valuable information, feedback, predictions and forecasts. Among other things, this greatly helps them in profitable decision-making.


We know all about blockchain and how it can benefit your business. Whatever the application we develop for you, we make sure it’s done reliable and robust.


We ensure your data and online activities are safe, secure and protected; while making sure you’re not slowed down because of unworkable security protocols.


Whatever your business goal, Global Screen develops the tools you need to make it a success. We always aim to deliver beyond your expectations.