Our Company


The ultimate goal of Globalscreen is to build next generation business based on blockchain technology and ensuring the highest level of security in doing that.

What is needed to achieve that goal? New solutions that drive new business models in new ways of working together to achieve that goal.

Our knowledge is extensive, ranging from blockchain consulting, building blockchain solutions, to full ICO services for start-ups. Our experience is in our participation in several successful projects


Globalscreen is the expert in blockchain solutions and master extreme information security scenarios.


Our team of extremely experienced professionals thrive when complex business scenarios need to be implemented


We are always looking for that special person that compliments our competences.
Masters in blockchain and security.

Let us introduce ourselves

About the Building

We are located on the 4th floor of “De Rijswijkse Olifant”, which hosts several young and dynamic companies.

The building is located in Rijswijk right next on the intersection to A4 and A13, and parking fully available. Driving from Amsterdam takes 30 minutes, and from Rotterdam only 15 minutes.

It has great access to public transportation. Using Tram 1 from The Hague  to Delft which stops only on a 3 minutes walking distance. Also Tram 15 is on walking distance with about 5 minutes.

How it all came to be…

When students decide to start something

The short story is that the entire team met while still studying. After graduation they all went their ways to learn and get excellent in what they do. Then Erik Koster decided to start Globalscreen and thought it was a great moment to bring his co-students together and start something fresh.