Leadership is important

Our Team Leaders are the best in their field

We believe having a trackrecord is instrumental in our approach. Each member of our team has been involved in many challenging projects already. The team we have assembled is a group of very knowledgeable people with various backgrounds but with one thing in common; we all love technology, but your business goals come first.


The team has a collective of >200 years experience.

How it all came to be…

How the team got together.

The core group met while studying and most people on the team have finished several studies, varying from advanced mathematics to Information technology. They all share one thing; writing software started in their early teens.

Let us introduce ourselves

Passion for Technology. Focus on Business.

All members of the team have been involved in several projects. That taught them that technology, how cool they think it is, is only interesting when it is servicing real business challenges.

Erik Koster

Erik Koster


Erik founded Globalscreen in 2010 and is a recognised guru in the field of web technologies, such as blockchain, crypto, and information security. Ever since Erik was 13 years old he was involved with some of the largest web communities, and building his own software.

Wai Yang Yap

Wai Yang Yap


Wai Yang is the technical leader with a enormous amount of development history. His mathematical approach to problems results in very smart solutions for complex issues.

André Bonvanie

André Bonvanie


André has been an entrepreneur for the last 25 years running various companies in various fields, such as software and services, and Marketing and Communications. This means that he has a broad knowledge on various industries and is highly involved in helping to build solutions for our customers.

Winoe Bhikharie

Winoe Bhikharie

Lead Developer

Winoe is another one of our lead developers that has been involved in several complex projects such as meshed based mobile networks.

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