Inspiring and involving people

At Global Screen, we always keep focus on making business sense for our clients. We do this in a number of ways. In this case, the client only had a general idea of what the company wanted to accomplish.

The intention of this client was to engage more people in some of their business activities. We developed a suitable concept and worked out the details and required solutions.

What we did

Concept development

Mobile and web development

Interface and interaction design

Encouraging and enabling sports activities everywhere

The subject: sports. The company owns a number of sports teams. They already organized live events and sponsored various activities. Now they wanted to expand on that, by using digital means to inspire and involve people. We’re talking cycling, sailing, running and yes, football.

We started by taking a good look at the available content and asked ourselves: how can we add value? How can we inspire people? What’s the best way to communicate with the target audience?


Most people probably wouldn’t associate a company like Global Screen with any sports activities at all. But while we may not be found on a sports field or in the gym at every opportunity, we do train our minds every single day. In a sense, mind sports are not that different from physical sports.

Finding like-minded sports enthusiasts

It was quickly decided that an app and a website are the best choice for reaching a large audience. Purpose of use: provide sports information and encourage people to do sports themselves, by making it easy to find like-minded people and go do sports together, wherever you are.

The idea behind this is that doing sports together is easy when you’ve joined a sports club. Except when you’re not in the vicinity of the club. The app and website enable people to do sports together everywhere; while on holiday or being away from home for a different reason. No club membership required, and the opportunity is offered to do all kinds of sports together.

Creating a sports event

The app includes the option to create a sports event yourself, so that other people can join your sports activity. You'll never have to sport alone!

Making it easy to find like-minded people, wherever you are

The score

This is an ongoing project. We’ll let you know when we’ve reached the finish line!

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