What we do

Calling us a software company only partly describes what we do at Global Screen. Companies and organizations come to us for a variety of things. We make new business opportunities possible, create advanced custom products, improve existing business processes, solve problems for clients who know what they need but don’t know how to do it. Or we help them discover what they actually need and subsequently make it happen.

New solutions that drive new business models

In a broader sense, we help build next generation businesses based on next generation technology. This involves coming up with new solutions that drive new business models based on new ways of working together. Sounds complicated? Well, that’s because it is.

Some of the ‘tools’ at our disposal: data intelligence, data science, advanced algorithms, blockchain, cybersecurity expertise and a team of very talented developers. But also passion for technology, an eye for making business sense, marketing expertise and yes, we could not do without it: a healthy dose of common sense.

Our brand of magic

When code becomes complicated and schedules are tight, companies and organizations call us to work our magic. Although of course, it’s not magic at all. It’s advanced know-how and extensive experience in cutting-edge technology. We love doing what we do and we’re pretty good at it. In fact, we never said no because we couldn’t do it.

Making things work

We like to do things that were never done before and make it all work. Which means, make it work for our clients in a way that makes business sense. Of course, it’s not always about creating new things. When existing technology suffices, we’ll gladly use that. And try to improve on that anyway while we’re at it.

How we started

Our first products were about videoconferencing, hence our company name. We helped develop such applications for Apple and Google. But that’s all in the past. We’d rather not dwell on that. Our passion is for technology and our focus is on business. We prefer to look at the present and the future. And help make that future a reality.

Discretion is our middle name

So, who exactly do we work for? For various reasons, many of our clients prefer to remain anonymous.Others don’t mind being mentioned, but without specifying what we exactly do for them. Sometimes these decisions are made because of security reasons, sometimes it involves marketing decisions. Whatever the reason, of course we respect those wishes.

Besides, our claim to fame is not about boasting which well-known companies we work for. We get our pride from knowing the client is happily surprised with the result, and that we as colleagues know from one another what we have achieved.

With that in mind, here’s an assorted selection of some of our satisfied clients.