Understanding your actual needs comes first. Then we improve on that. After that, we work on the technical part.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. That’s why, before our developers do anything, we talk business. The purpose. The how and the why. The effect. Users. Stakeholders. Systems. Factors and interactions to consider. Once we’re clear about your intentions, expectations and actual needs, we do our utmost to improve on that. Then, our developers get to work. And also do their utmost to make things even better.

Data intelligence

Extracting valuable information from large amounts of data

Our staff is highly skilled in developing complex algorithms for gathering and processing large amounts of data. The results are used for various purposes, including making ever more reliable predictions and forecasts. These are based on items such as group behaviour, interactions, (historical) trend analysis and pattern recognition. There’s a wide range of applications; from inventory management, feature detection and matching, education and sports performance to automated trading and advanced communication systems.

At Global Screen we naturally aim to process data in the smartest possible way. Moreover, our algorithms enable our clients to extract valuable information from complex sets of data. This results in practical, effective feedback and greatly helps our clients in meaningful, and if applicable, profitable decision-making, by making the right decision at the right place at the right time.


Safeguarding your assets, reliable and robust

We master blockchain technology on all three relevant levels: technical, business and legal. This enables us to reap the maximum benefits for your business. Of course, we keep ourselves up-to-date on this fast-evolving technology. Stagnation means decline and we like to go forward fast.

Are you in need of live, fully trustworthy updates of your transactions? Do you require tracking financial histories of your assets? Are you looking for complete transparency in your supply chain management? Or do you perhaps intend to set up a safe, powerful and transparent marketplace? We’ll gladly help in realising your needs or wishes, always with a focus on the key elements that make blockchain such a promising – and rewarding - technology.


Your data safe and protected in a workable environment

Information security involves many areas, ranging from network infrastructure and code to viruses and social engineering. Moreover, there’s the problem of expecting the unexpected. That’s why we protect your information on technical and user levels. Being aware of potential threats is just as important as rigorous testing and closing all the gaps.

In general, we like to start with a broad view, mapping out all weak points and conceivable connections in elaborate security reviews. We test by simulating digital attacks and unauthorized access on location, provide the required technical solutions and train users to adopt certain behaviors. Of course, if rigorous testing of your current safety measures is all you require, we’re happy to oblige. Our goal: deliver the best possible information security while maintaining a workable environment.


Custom products that make things possible for you

Innovation is often a result of the way we work. Maximum freedom for our co-workers enables them to come up with creative, new solutions for your needs and wishes. That’s what you get when the client is in a hurry (aren’t we all?) and our, we dare say very talented developers take on the challenge to deliver top notch results in the shortest possible time.

As with all GlobalScreen products and services, we take care of the technical aspects with passion but keep focus on the business side of things. This often results in custom products that do more than you bargained for, but of course, in a good way.

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